Benthe Sinding



– With CapMedia everything is happening digitally now, before we used to run around with all kind of papers, advertising papers and so on.


– This gives a saving on time, and it also means we can cover for each other. We have several departments around North Jutland, and if there is a disease or something else, we can cover for each other.


– No matter where in the world we are, we have access, says Benthe Sinding.


– Earlier this was a big problem, but now It’s a big advantage that we can help each other.


– Implementation to CapMedia has worked very well no problems at all.


– We made a decision to switch on 1/10 and same day closed the old system, and had no problems at all.


– You’re a little nervous about how it’s going to be, but CapMedia has been there 24-seven. It has been a big advantage. There has been no waiting for support or someone to be called back.


– They have just been there to help us.


– It’s not just here in Aars, it should work, but also in Aalestrup, in Vodskov and in Salling. It was a bit of a big mouthful to get seated.


– I think the system is very user-friendly. There may be a couple of places where there could be some shortcuts, but overall I think it’s really good. We have already said that to developers.


– It is a huge advantage that it is all assembled in one system. It gives a much better overview. You can get information across the companies.


– It all runs well. It has become much easier for us, and we have also saved both time and labor.


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