Ditte Madsen



– I use several parts of CapMedia


– Occasionally I also make graphical and design work.


– It is much easier with CapMedia than before. We are saving a lot of time and not making mistakes as we did before, says Ditte Madsen.


– Now I’m here in Aars, but if my colleague in Vodskov is going to have a holiday, I’ll just do it from here. Just now, I will work on Vesthimmerlands newspaper for example.


– Before we had CapMedia we spent a lot of time finding adds from old editions, and getting tings ready for the upcoming editions. Now CapMedia does all the work in just ”a second”.


– We save a lot of time on different work flows, she explains.


– When we started, we first started creating pages. The ads were just in our folders as always, and gradually we moved tings to CapMedia.


– I liked it, because it may be a little stressful that you are suddenly have to work in a new way.


– Then it was so easy to learn new parts of the system a long the way.


– And it has been very reassuring that we could always call CapMedia’s people if we had questions or needed any kind of help.


– I am very pleased that we now have it all together in one system. I’m a little nerdy so I like such new things.


– So I have been very positive about all the changes.


– Occasionally there have been some things I’ve thought might be different, and so I’ve shown it to CapMedia’s developer, and he has changed the system or shown how it should be done.


– They are very open to the fact that we contribute to the development.


– I like the fact, that it can be adapted to us who are working with it every day.


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