About CapMedia

CapMedia’s integrated advertising solution provides a simple but efficient flow through the entire ad management process. It is a single solution that handles ads for print, radio / TV, and online, from sales, through booking, production, format management, and billing. CapMedia’s customers can benefit from increased revenue, less administration, more time for sales work, a better ad service, and reliable statistics.


CapMedia was first developed at Sjællandske Medier, and been used ever since 1993. CapMedia is contently under development address emerging new trends and opportunities to comply with the production requirements of today.

CapMedia is developed in close conversation with the customers and has their needs as a departure point. The system is therefore simple and easy to use.  As the system is constantly evolving we aim to tailor it to what the users need and add the features required by the media firms. Through this approach we enable our customers to quickly react and adapt to shifting market trends.

In 2007 CapMedia was made available for purchase to other media firms, Sydvestjyske Venstrepresse first bought it in 2008. Sydvestjyske Venstrepresse produce 2.500 ads and 800 pages per week.

In 2010 Midtjyllands Avis bought the Capmedia-system. They started by using page workflow 1/10 2010, and then full production at Capmedia by 1/1 2011. All data from 2009 and 2010 was converted from Tieto Enator’s MPress system to CapMedia so that all old data was easily accessible – such as statistics, prices, material, ads etc. In 2012 we welcomed both FrontMedia and Bornholmsk Tidende as customers.

In the early spring of 2011, we introduced CapEdit to the world. An article, telegram and imaging system, which is an integral part of CapMedia. It works on the same simple and effective principle as the rest of CapMedia.