Front Media is a different kind of media company, who has chosen CapMedia’s software solution because of CapMedia’s handling of various types of publications.

Front Media has currently newspapers and magazines. All data is converted from MacTive, Navision and a Web based CRM system too CapMedia’s overall solution.

Front […]

Den Sydvestjyske Venstrepresse

Den Sydvetjyske Venstrepresse publishes 14 weekly newspapers in South Jutland. Almost all production takes place in Esbjerg, while sales work is done locally. The newspapers come out with a circulation of 340,000 copies.

The smallest newspaper is on 20-24 pages, while the largest newspaper usually has about 80 pages. […]

Bornholms Tidende

Bornholms Tidende is Bornholms only newspaper and has a circulation on nearly 12,000 newspapers.

Bornholm Tidende changed their previous system MPress out with CapMedia and their first release was on 26/11-2012.

All data from 2011 and 2012 are taken from MPress to CapMedia, so that all sale statistics, documents, […]

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