Henrik Nielsen

Lokalredaktør og tillidsrepræsentant


– As a work tool, I have not experienced any problems. It’s a relatively simple word-processing tool, it was simple and easy to start up.


– I do not remember if there were any small problems at first, but they have just been reported and resolved.


– Support has been very good. If there was any problems, we have just turned to the editorial officer or IT manager, and then things have been taken care of.


– When we encounter any kind of problem, it will be solved.


– Overall, the program is super easy to use and you do not get lost when using it.


– I do not really have any wishes for the program beyond what it can do now. I can see that there are always new features, but for me it is most important that it is intuitive and easy to use.


– It’s easier to use than Word.


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