Kim Lykke Jensen



– Awesome, says Kim Lykke Jensen about the system.


– I have previously worked with probably the most widely used production system in the country, and compared to that, CapEdit is formidable.


– And then it’s incredibly stable. It never goes down.


– In addition, it’s a great advantage that there are very short distances to the developers of the system, and we have also addressed a few small inconveniences that has been solved.


– That we can use CapEdit as a planning tool is also a big advantage. Earlier we sat and planed everything in Excel sheets. It was a mess. The production of pages for Hunter magazine towards the deadline is always ongoing:


– It’s a rolling process to make the individual edition of the magazine ready. As soon as texts and images are finished, the articles is being layouted on stored pages, that can be moved to a actual publication.


– That means, the most is the pages are layouted when we approach the deadline.


– If there are sold ads at the last minute, the page can be moved back to the ”storage” and then be used i next edition.


– These are the terms we work under, ads first.


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