Max Steinar

Ansvarshavende redaktør


– I think I’m over the initial difficulties that a man of my age must expect.


- Says Max Steinar with a smile and a blink in his eye.


– It’s also on a cheap background, he continues, because we didn’t have anything that handled the process in a system before CapMedia.


– There is no doubt that the advent of CapMedia has made production faster and more efficient.


– The savings in production time will rise in a two-digit percentage.


– We have also received a lot of support from CapMedia, who has had a man on-sight during startup.


– He has been very good. A calm man who was able to reduce stress in time up to the first deadline.

Max Steiner is happy because it is so easy to work with CapEdit.


– It’s easy to create a new article and it’s very good that you can attach photos and other documents to the article. It gives a good overview.


– There are no system deficiencies, as I see it.

Here we more or less, plan the productions for a whole year in advance.


– It was one of the things we got customized for our use, that the left-hand column of CapEdit can contain a full year’s production, and that the numbers in brackets after the folder name show the total number of unused articles in the folder, and not just the number of new articles created.

It’s fine that you can customize the system according to your wishes and needs.


– There is only one thing we are not completely satisfied with in the system, and it’s the spell checking in the editor. It could bee better.


- We often get extra advertisements close to the deadline, and that is possible now that we have CapMedia, because it’s so easy to change content and the flow of the pages.


– Every month we have what we call elasticized articles - ie articles that can wait to next publishing. We can remove these articles and then place extra ads if needed. We are happy with that flexibility. It’s generally very easy to change things in the last minute.


- Every month we print out our pages and hang them on a blackboard, even though CapEdit actually has a feature where you can see all pages in production - but we like to do it this way and use the best from the new and old days.


– We keep the board, as it gives a form of ownership that journalists can go past the board and see their own articles in print.

Although Max Steinar is the editor of the magazine, he also participates in the production of the magazine.


– I could not live with not having my fingers down in the substance. As I get more practice in the process of using CapEdit, I assume that I can also help make things happen and be even more creative.


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