Nanna Krogh

Redaktionschef, Bornholms Tidende


– It was a great thing not being forced to use a system, where we had to change our working methods, but the system actually fits our way of working.


– When implementing CapMedia, for the first time, I was invited to contribute to the development of the programs, which we where going to use.


– CapMedia is responsive to the wishes for designing and developing the system.


– We may also be in a favorable position because we initially helped design and develop the editorial part of the system, CapEdit.


– For us, the overview and ease of use are top priority, in this process where we have been co-developers. It is based our situation and our needs, and not what a developer believed is our needs.

Nanna Krogh is also responsible for the planning of today’s newspaper and creates the daily dummy with page layout and placement of ads.


– The editorial part works well and gives a good  overview compared to what we had before, and it is nice that it is so easy to change the number of pages late in the production process, when we need to do it.


– We have many different departments in the company and it has proved to be rewarding that we all now work in the same system. It means that we speak the same language.


– CapMedia never goes down. It is extremely stable. We haven’t experienced this with previous systems.


– CapMedia is available 24-seven. It is quite important when you are a company where employees work at displaced times. This was especially important during the initial phase.


– The oldest part of the system might require a overhaul and simplification, but overall it is an unrivaled system, concludes Nanna Krogh.



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