March 23.  2018

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), yes CapMedia is ready, we have developed a new interface to serve the needs our customers have, from this interface you have the possibility to delete data from the database, and you have access to information that is relevant, that could be information about customers, contacts, orders and other important information. Generally CapMedia is not affected by the GDPR, but we made an interface to our customers, to get information that could be of importance in this matter, so this is just an easy way to get information that is already there.



March 15.  2018

We have developed a possibility to make a custom menu bar with custom menu items, and you can name the items as you wish, a custom menu bar can then be linked to one or more users. The menu bar will suit the users needs, and only contain the functionality the user needs. It is possible to make changes on the fly and during production, and create as many menu bars as you need for the different user groups in the company, sales, production, editorial and others.



New Adobe InDesign CC 2018, and CapMedia is ready!!


Share production resources between several CapMedia customers



New Adobe InDesign CC 2017, and CapMedia is ready!!



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