Susanne Blomquist

Kontorchef og superbruger


– This is the third time I’ve been part of implementing a new management system, and it’s actually the least stressed process I’ve ever experienced, points Susanne Blomquist.


– One had the feeling that there was control, and the time it took to get help was very short. It was easy to get in touch with the developer if we had questions or other things.


– The system is flexible. You can easily get changes or new functions, and if there is a wish we get immediately feedback how to solve it in the right way, they show and asks: Why don’t you just do this and that.


– If the wish you have for changes or new functionality make sense, it’s easy and fast to get it done by CapMedia.


– So don’t try to ’fool the system’, just ask CapMedia and they will show and tell the right way to do things, she explains.


– However, I would like the interface to be better. The letters are very small, and I would also wish that in some parts of the system it could be more intuitive.


– On the other hand, the system is very stable.


– The support is just amazing and if there is a problem, it will just be solved like that!


– And then it’s an advantage that we now all work in one system. For example, when we get a journalistic call in the expedition after the journalists have gone home, we have access to their part of the system, and that is an big advantage.


– Otherwise, I don’t have any special wishes for the system - they have been done along the way, concludes Susanne Blomquist.


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