Thorkil Christensen

Redaktør og indehaver


– CapMedia was chosen when we were forced to renew the license on Saxo, which we used at that time, and I simply thought it was too expensive, and they only had the editorial part.


– With CapMedia we have the possibility to both advertise and do planing, but what really made the difference was that we could also update our finance system to a standard and simple solution, explains Thorkil Christensen.


– At that time we used an old Navision system that was so overloaded that it could not handle anymore information.


– We were well aware that it was a big decision. We were a bit nervous about the change, because it usually so with IT people that they promise more than they can deliver in the end.


– However, we had confidence in the people behind CapMedia that they could handle it, we had visited Bornholms Tidende a couple of times and seen it in function and I had asked the CEO there, if the people from CapMedia was reliable, explains Thorkil Christensen.


– And he said clearly, no need to worry and I can guarantee that.


– When we came into contact with the people behind CapMedia, they said they would setup the system so it suited our business.


– We have signed a contract for seven years. It’s a long time in our industry, because are we here in seven years? But we thought that’s going to happen.


– CapMedia has lived up to our expectations. Of course, there will always be some issues when you make big changes, and there have been some new things we had to learn.


– It is very important that we have got a single system that covers the entire company, and I actually think it is where, the big advantage is, that it’s all in on solution, continues Thorkil Christensen.


– Also the fact, that we only have one supplier instead of several suppliers, where they always blames the other. Here we only have one vendor, simple and easy.


– I have to say that it has worked out beyond all expectations. If there’s any problems, you’ll just call and if they can solve it remote, they’ll do it right away - otherwise they’ll be here.


– It’s important that every issue is taken care of and afterwards there is done follow up on issues. Thorkil Christensen is particularly pleased that he can get statistics out of the system and even see it on the phone.


– Already the Wednesday before, I get a statistic of how many ad millimeters we’ve sold to the upcoming newspaper. Then I can compare with how many we had sold to the edition exactly one year ago.


– I can also see who is booking ads, and that can be used to help the sellers. It gives a quick overview.


– On Saturday I get a mail with statistic of all the newspapers we make: How many ads have we sold in total, how many millimeters in total and how much revenue.


– It’s a good tool and really help us every day, says Thorkil Christensen.


– The only appeal I have is that the editor can’t display the articles in WYSIWYG. I would like to finish the articles. I think it’s important that the headlines is perfect to the article on the page, therefore, I go down the person who finish the pages every time we have to finish the paper. Then i get a print of the page, and I correct all the headlines.


– But it’s small issues, concludes Thorkil Christensen.

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