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Are you tired of complicated IT solutions and unexpected costs? At CapMedia, we believe in simplicity and transparency. We offer IT support that not only works – it works for you.

Easier external IT department

CapMedia drives the vision of simpler and more efficient IT management for companies in Sweden. We at CapMedia offer a straightforward IT service contract without any hassle. With fixed prices per unit, you always keep track of the costs.


No matter the size of the problem, we are ready to assist you with everything from technical questions to complex IT challenges. Our remote support via Teamviewer guarantees quick and efficient help.

Backup & Recovery

Protect your valuable data with our robust backup solutions. If disaster strikes, we can quickly restore your files and get you back on your feet.

Service Monitoring

We keep a watchful eye on your critical services and systems to ensure continuous operation. Any problems are identified and addressed before they affect your business.

Patching & Updates

Keep your systems secure and efficient with regular updates and patches. We handle this for you so you are always protected against the latest threats.

System Health

We monitor the health and performance of your IT environment and take proactive measures to prevent issues and optimize performance.


Order and clarity in your IT environment. We offer complete documentation of your systems and processes, making future maintenance and development easier.


From design to implementation and monitoring, we ensure that your network is fast, stable, and secure.

Viruses & Malware

Protect your business from malicious software with our cutting-edge security solution. We detect and eliminate threats before they can cause damage.

Purchasing & Installations

Need new hardware or software? We help you choose the right products for your needs and take care of installation and configuration.

Workstation PC / Laptop / Server

Price per unit

175 kr / per Month
Remote Support (TeamViewer)
Performance Monitoring
Software Updates
Software Installations
Documentation & Reports
Data Backup

Fixed-Price IT Support: 175 SEK/month per computer
With CapMedia, you get all the support you need at a fixed and affordable price. For only 175 SEK per month per computer, you have access to our expertise and support when you need it the most.

One Point of Contact for All Your Needs:
At CapMedia, we believe in simplicity. Regardless of your issue, you only have one phone number and one email address to remember.

Expert Advice:
Benefit from our extensive IT expertise. We offer advice in areas such as IT strategy, security, Office 365, networking solutions, purchasing, and much more.

Efficient IT Support:
Our technicians are ready to assist through remote support. We can work discreetly in the background, solving problems and making updates without disrupting your workday.

Vendor Contact:
Let us handle your IT-related questions. If needed, we will contact third parties on your behalf to ensure you receive the best possible service and solutions.

Proactive Monitoring:
With our performance monitoring system, we can detect and address issues before they affect your business.

Updates & Security:
We ensure your computers are always updated and protected. Our antivirus software alerts us to potential threats so we can act quickly.

Reliable Backup:
Your data is safe with us. We offer automatic backup and monitor the process to ensure everything runs smoothly and that data can be restored when needed.

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Lease the hardware for your office with CapMedia

We can help your business with all the hardware that is necessary.
It is a more cost-effective choice as you do not tie up capital and at a low and predictable monthly cost.

It is also a greener option as we handle all old electronics and try to reuse everything as much as possible.

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